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How Much Does Tuckpointing Cost?

This is a very common question that we receive from homeowners. Unfortunately, the answer is not as straight forward as one would hope. There are many variables that come into play. It is impossible to provide a standard price for tuckpointing by square foot for example. But if we had to provide a parameter for […]

Tuckpointing in Chicago

Tuckpointing involves removing and replacing deteriorating mortar with fresh mortar.  Mortar can fail for a variety of reasons including but not limited to shoddy workmanship, erosion from moisture and extreme temperature changes. Brick buildings exposed to hot Chicago summers and then extremely cold winters present unique challenges. Another factor can be the weight from the […]

Masonry Maintenance vs Masonry Repairs

Maintenance on a property, especially one that has brick and/or stone exterior, is essential to keep repair costs down. Regularly maintaining the property can prevent big ticket repairs down the line. There are many examples of maintenance versus repair when discussing masonry materials and sealants. It is recommended and almost required to perform either an […]