Chimney Repair

Chimney repair is essential to maintaining your homes look and functionality. Chimneys are often the most weather exposed part of any home. They sit higher than any other part of the house getting every bit of every part of weather from excessive rain, snow, and ice, to excessive sun and wind. These all play a major role in the rapid deterioration of any chimney.

The concrete chimney crown acts as a roof to your chimney structure, protecting the flue and top of the chimney from weather-related deterioration or damage. If your concrete chimney crown contains cracks or openings, water can seep into the internal chimney system causing a great deal of damage. The chimney crown should be visibly inspected each year to ensure there are no hairline cracks that may expand due to the heat and cold of Chicagoland area weather.

The metal rain cap sits on top of concrete chimney crown and adds a layer of protection from weather and critters. The metal rain caps discourages animals from building a nest at the top of the chimney flue. Chimney caps are a cost effective way to limit ongoing repair costs.

The clay chimney flue, which generally extends above the masonry brick and is orange in color, provides a secondary smooth layer on the chimney’s inner walls.  Flues in a masonry chimney are often made out of terracotta clay and are approximately 24 inches in length. Chimney flues are very durable but can become cracked which exposes the exterior brick to excess moisture. This can cause the brick to spall and deteriorate.

If your chimney flashing is loose or missing, water can seep into the roof, chimney structure, or attic, causing wood rot, mold, and drywall damage. Chimney repair is one of the masonry services that FocalPoint Masonry specializes in. A minor chimney repair can save you from a more costly full chimney repair.

We inspect all aspects of your chimney that may be leading to the exterior brick cracking and spalling.


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FocalPoint Masonry worked on my house a couple times. They did some brick and stone work on an arch in the front of my house that turned out great. They also have have done some waterproofing where leaks were happening. They are clean, efficient and reasonably priced. If I need any additional masonry work on my property I will always reach out to FocalPoint Masonry.

I have used FocalPoint Masonry on a couple jobs at a multi unit building I own. They are easy to communicate with and clearly lay out the costs upfront (which isn’t always the case with construction people). I will definitely use them again in the future!