5 Exciting facts about Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge

Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge

The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge at Iannelli Studios is a cultural institution with a rich history and a significant impact on the arts community. Here are five facts about this remarkable organization:

  1. Historical Significance: The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge traces its roots back to the early 20th century when Park Ridge, Illinois, emerged as a hub for arts and crafts. In 1900, Clara Barck Welles founded the Kalo Shop, a collective of artisans specializing in handcrafted silverwork and jewelry. The Kalo Shop became renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship and design aesthetics, contributing to the American Arts and Crafts movement. The legacy of the Kalo Shop and its founder inspired the establishment of the Kalo Foundation in 2000, dedicated to preserving and promoting the arts in Park Ridge and beyond.
  2. Iannelli Studios: The Kalo Foundation is closely associated with the Iannelli Studios, located in Park Ridge. The studios were the workplace of Alfonso Iannelli, an Italian-American sculptor, and designer who collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright and other prominent architects of the Prairie School. Iannelli’s work encompassed various mediums, including sculpture, graphic design, and industrial design. The studios served as a creative space where Iannelli produced some of his most iconic pieces, contributing significantly to the cultural landscape of Park Ridge and the broader Chicago area.
  3. Mission and Programs: The Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge at Iannelli Studios is committed to advancing the legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement while nurturing contemporary artistic endeavors. Its mission includes preserving historic sites, promoting local artists, and fostering community engagement with the arts. The foundation offers a range of programs and initiatives, including exhibitions, workshops, artist residencies, and educational outreach. Through these activities, the foundation seeks to celebrate artistic heritage, inspire creativity, and cultivate a vibrant arts community.
  4. Preservation Efforts: A core focus of the Kalo Foundation is the preservation of historic sites associated with the Arts and Crafts movement, particularly the Iannelli Studios. These efforts involve restoring and maintaining the studios as a cultural landmark, ensuring that future generations can appreciate its significance. Additionally, the foundation works to conserve and showcase artifacts and archives related to the Kalo Shop and other influential figures and institutions connected to Park Ridge’s artistic heritage. By preserving these tangible reminders of the past, the foundation honors the contributions of artists and craftsmen to the cultural heritage of the region.
  5. Community Engagement and Collaboration: The Kalo Foundation actively engages with the local community and collaborates with other cultural organizations to promote artistic expression and cultural enrichment. It partners with schools, museums, and community groups to develop educational programs, public art installations, and collaborative projects that celebrate creativity and foster a deeper appreciation for the arts. Through these collaborative efforts, the foundation extends its reach beyond Park Ridge, contributing to the broader cultural landscape of the Chicago metropolitan area and beyond.

Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge at Iannelli Studios

In summary, the Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge at Iannelli Studios is a vital institution dedicated to preserving artistic heritage, promoting contemporary artistic expression, and fostering community engagement with the arts. Through its programs, preservation efforts, and collaborative initiatives, the foundation honors the legacy of the Arts and Crafts movement while nurturing a dynamic and inclusive arts community for generations to come.


Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge
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